WEEE Guidance


How can we help ?

An overview of some aspects of WEEE is provided on this website, for more information and guidance, contact us to discuss your needs and we will  guide you through the regulatory process


These include:

Applications for Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities (AATF) or Approved Exporters (AE)

Ensuring your Company complies with relevant legislation & guidance associated with submitting WEEE returns data and evidence notes

Direct liaison with client, subcontractors and regulators regarding WEEE and related environmental legislation

Environmental auditing of the WEEE management process and training associated with legislative requirements

Supporting your Company in identifying new business opportunities within the WEEE & Waste management sectors

Product analysis and the production of recycling manuals in accordance with article 15 of the recast Directive

Training programmes for all involved in WEEE

W E & E Consulting is very familiar with the requirements associated with WEEE Regulations and can provide Companies with a number of support services

WEEE Evidence

WEEE Protocols

Treatment Guidance  & BATRRT

Batteries in WEEE

AATF Approval

AE Approval

WEEE Amendments

Duty of Care

WEEE Re use

WEEE Guidance for PCS

WEEE DCF Code of practice

T11 Exemptions

Hazardous Waste Guidance

Broadly Equivalent Guidance

Correspondence Guidelines

Sampling & Inspection