Training packages

W E & E Consulting provide a selection of training packages, these are specifically designed and tailored to meet your requirements.

Training packages include the following modules:  

Module 1 - Introduction to WEEE Legislation, UK Regulations & Compliance

Content: A review of the intentions of the WEEE Legislation, how far this has progressed since the first draft in the 90’s, how the UK is now performing in order to meet the overall aims of the legislation & what to expect next from new regulations.

Module 2 - WEEE Compliance in detail

Content: A review of WEEE Compliance as it is today, followed by the measures that are needed to improve compliance, reduce waste crime & address the technicalities with product re use

Module 3 - Supply chain enhancements

Content: A review of Producer engagement, how this can be of benefit in the supply chain, access to information & how leakage can be controlled in order to collect and recycle more WEEE

Module 4 - Challenges & expectations

Content: A review of the challenges ahead for stakeholders and the expectations, including how to manage these through access to data, research, technology, standards and partnerships.

Module 5 - WEEE Toolkit

Content: Learn how to build or replenish your WEEE toolkit, the application of sustainable design techniques, reverse manufacturing techniques along with quality control & environmental management systems, standards and analysis.

Module 6 - Business Improvements

Part a - Learn how  to identify and drive forwards with continuous improvement programmes, stimulating business growth as well as confidence for investors.

Part b - Learn how  lean manufacturing techniques can also be applied to WEEE recycling businesses in order to yield medium & long term improvements. Implement process changes through the Change Acceleration Process (CAP) and drive down short term WEEE costs

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