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An increase in recycling rates, new targets in the UK’s Waste Strategy and tighter legislation will require an investment in New Technologies to separate materials. An overhaul of regulatory controls is very much in progress and more pressure will be applied to operators who handle an array of shredded materials.The other drivers for change are of course the need to address the illegal export of materials containing toxic substances, often improperly described or failing to meet uniform quality standards after shredding and prior to being exported.

W E & E Consulting offer those who wish to enhance their future in the Waste Management sector the opportunity to seriously consider investing in New innovative Technologies.  A range of services are available to assist clients who wish to explore this further.


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Optical material separation

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Material separation has to become economically viable too. An improved value for a material that achieves a higher level of quality will be one of the the commanding factors thus supporting new investment. W E & E Consulting are able to offer guidance to those who are seeking to learn more about new developing material separation technologies and how these might be implemented to gain the best financial return whilst the quality of the output meets agreed standards. This meets with the concept of New Approach and innovation, provides the opportunity to realise greater value and rewards those who are first to market.

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Separation of plastics, copper, circuit boards etc…

Opportunity - recovery of precious metals through Plasma technology

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