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Standards are an important part of the assurance required in any process. They introduce measurement, a key part of process improvement and act as a means to validate and verify. They also allow operators to compete on a level playing field and with accreditation, this provides confidence for customers and demonstrates that an element of control is present.

In contrast, many standards exist in the manufacturing sector and are common place when introducing new products to market. When we purchase a new product we are assured that it is safe, fit for purpose and meets all relevant standards. These essential elements provide us with confidence in the product or service that is provided. The same assurance is necessary across the waste industry.

New developments

New standards are being developed to address a New Approach to recycling and the British Standards Institute (BSI) along with other standards organisations across Europe and internationally have already played a major role in this process. The standard PAS 141 is one example of how to address a particular aspect of WEEE & EEE reuse & recycling in the UK.

As a result of the UK Government’s waste policy review, the British Standards Institute seeked to ascertain what role standards should play in helping industry demonstrate compliance with the current permitting regime in an efficient manner. More on this latest initiative ( Phase I) can be found in the following report:

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