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Whether you are part of the Private, Public or Voluntary & re use sector, this is an opportunity to review current practices & business models. Our guidance can help to reduce your administrative burdens, compliance and processing costs. Our new approach in this area encourages further engagement of all stakeholders in order to realise the financial opportunities throughout the process.



We recognise that  compliance & social responsibilities are key. Let us take the strain and guide you through the process of adhering to complex regulations and well as addressing business needs.  

Promoting success

Promoting recycling and communicating achievement is an important part of the process, let us help you to highlight your success and promote best practices.

Have your say

Your opinion is important, let us help you to communicate this to Policy makers.

Market opportunities

Material separation across the waste sector will continue to develop and a full understanding of this process & associated technology is required before embarking upon new investment. We can help to assess the most appropriate option for your needs, maximising the value from a particular waste stream.

Collection, sorting, recycling, recovery

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Contact us to discuss your needs and we will work with you to develop your new solution.

Technology & Knowledge transfer

The UK has several years of experience with addressing ‘Producer Responsibility’ and Waste Management. Many best practices have been developed during this process and there is an opportunity to assess the applicability of transferring technology & knowledge to other countries across the globe. We can share these practices with you and help to develop solutions.

Education & Training

W E & E Consulting are able to provide training & awareness at all levels thus disseminating best practices as well as meeting legal obligations. We can also prepare Technical Operations Manuals for your business and formalise your procedures.  Whether you are a large or small business, there are many packages available tailored to suit your specific needs.


W E & E Consulting are able to assist your organisation by providing targeted workshops that review business needs and focus on opportunity.

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