Voluntary sector & re use organisations

The Voluntary sector is an essential partner in the process of adding value back into the community. It can provide and develop new skills for individuals as well as ensuring that valued resources are re used. Many products can be refurbished by the voluntary sector where an approach to quality and standards remains key. The introduction of standardisation & ‘New Approach’ to this sector brings many challenges as waste prevention and preparation for re use move up the waste hierarchy.

Independent advice is now on offer to guide you towards greater efficiencies and lower operating costs whilst retaining a first class level of service in the community and enhancing the environmental & social benefits.


Refurbished & graded Domestic Appliances

One person’s waste is another’s resource

Contact us to discuss your needs and we will work with you to develop your solution.


W E & E Consulting is very familiar with the technical requirements and market possibilities for items that can be refurbished and placed back on the market. We are able to assist in developing new sustainable solutions that increase the level of achievable re use and add more value back into the skills for individuals.

Our offering

The need for change

Key advice & guidance

       Improving process and procedures

        Market research & Strategic Assessment                                                                             

        Compliance review versus legal requirements

        Technology Assessment & trials

        Gaining higher yield from re use

         Preparation of Technical Guidelines and Standards

PAT testing

17th Edition BS 7671

PAS 141

For further information on PAS 141, see here