A New approach to waste management in the public sector

Central, Regional & local Government all have increasing pressures to reduce costs and become more efficient. Waste Management and improved material sorting processes are areas where further improvements can be made and the application of standardisation under the ‘New Approach’ can often be of interest.

A “zero waste” economy,  the fiscal deficit, Big Society, localism, deregulation, carbon, EU obligations................................................

Application of the New approach in Waste Management

Developing efficiencies in collection & commodity management

Assessment of technologies

Maximise value add from revenue streams

Policy & strategic guidance


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W E & E Consulting understands the pressures on the public sector to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. We are able to assist in developing new sustainable solutions that demonstrate clear all round benefits have been achieved.

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Year on year costs

Diverting waste away from landfill and meeting higher recycling targets clearly has many benefits if tackled in the right way. This leads to higher quality output materials which result in year on year cost savings.

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Plastics - PP & ABS


New Approach for Local Authorities

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