A New approach to recycling in the Private sector

Stakeholders across the private sector are all too familiar with the pressures arising from the ever changing regulatory framework and an increase in recycling costs.

Independent expert advice is now on offer to guide you towards lower cost compliance whilst retaining a first class level of service and enhancing the environmental benefits during this process.


Contact us to discuss your needs and we will work with you to develop your new solution.

Explore the benefits

W E & E Consulting understands the pressures faced by all types of businesses both large & small and is able to help you explore where benefits can be achieved applying the concepts of ‘New Approach’ to deliver practicable solutions.

The need for change

Recycling costs impact on many stakeholders in the private sector including manufacturers, retailers and recyclers who are now becoming more aware of the need for change at the earliest opportunity.

This change is driven in part by such measures as Extended Producer Responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility and the need to cut year on year costs.

Year on year costs


       Reducing overall cost of compliance

       Maximising potential from Re use

       Engaging Producer’s in the recycling process

        Growth & the opportunity to increase profits

       Providing Technical solutions

Key advice & guidance


Public Sector

Re use Sector