Investing in WEEE Recycling & the Waste Management sector

Taking the right step towards investing in e-waste offers many opportunities. Researching the market and understanding the complex WEEE System are 2 critical elements of any investment decision taken. Risks will need to be evaluated & any business plan will therefore need close scrutiny. Due Diligence and thorough examination of all assumptions will require specialist WEEE expertise, advice and guidance.

Invest in the latest technology

W E & E Consulting offer those who wish to enhance their future in the Waste Management sector the opportunity to seriously consider investing in New innovative Technologies.  A range of services are available to assist clients who wish to explore this further, linking you with state of the art technologies to meet your needs.

Enter the UK E-waste market

Many opportunities exist for Companies inside and outside of the UK to enter the UK e-waste market. This can be achieved either through acquisition or as new market entrants. In either case, it is essential to conduct rigorous due diligence and acquire a detailed understanding of the market and the law. We are able to guide you through this process.

Enter e-waste markets overseas

With new laws being introduced in many other countries, now is the opportunity to consider markets overseas. We can apply our knowledge of overseas markets & assist you in this process.