New Approach & standardisation

New approach - the big society, localism and deregulation

Source: DEFRA review of waste policy 2010

DEFRA refer to new approach within its waste strategy review as the big society, localism & deregulation. The concept of New Approach and the introduction of harmonised standards can however be applied as a catalyst to bring about standardisation in areas including those under the umbrella of Environmental Protection. Standards applied across the Waste Industry will deliver many benefits.




The EC Directive on Packaging Waste (94/62/EC & 2005/20/EC) is already part of the New Approach and the WEEE Directive (2002/96/EC, 2003/108/EC & 2008/34/EC) is known under the New Approach as a standards receptive directive.  Once the New Approach is applied to the WEEE Directive, this will harmonise standards for Collection, Treatment & Processing as well as the Quality of the materials produced from the recycling process.

New Approach (as defined in a Council Resolution of May 1985)

‘’represents an innovative way of technical harmonisation. It introduces, among other things, a clear separation of responsibilities between the EC legislator and the European standards bodies CEN, CENELEC and ETSI in the legal framework allowing for the free movement of goods. ‘’

W E & E Consulting supports the concept of ‘new approach’ & ‘innovation’ as catalysts to bring about environmental improvements through the introduction of harmonised standards wherever possible.

Harmonised standards across the wider sectors of the Waste Industry will deliver many benefits in the future.

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