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Private Sector

Re use Sector


New Approach for Local Authorities

W E & E Consulting can assist you, by taking a fresh look at recycling in your area

Processes & efficiencies

Are you seeking to increase recycling in your area & do you need some help in diverting recyclable solid waste away from landfill?

Will improving communication & engagement achieve the levels of waste prevention and minimisation desired under the New Waste Strategy?

Do you need to look more closely at your business model for dealing with waste? Are you satisfied with the current infrastructure, is more investment required to deliver the desired results?

Best value

Is your area gaining the best value from the recycling process and are your partners providing all the assurances you need?

Are you receiving enough financial reward for your engagement in the recycling process, can this be improved?


Do you need any assistance in ensuring that waste is being dealt with properly either in the UK or abroad?  

Are the standards of recycling effective enough, are you seeking to enhance these as part of a new service?  

Next steps

Taking a fresh look at all aspects of recycling can of course yield many financial & environmental benefits. Let us help you to realise these by applying our New Approach to recycling in the waste management sector, offering many years of experience in this field.

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