Lean De-manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a well known approach, it delivers results and drives efficiency to a level beyond that of the traditional manufacturing approach. With the right attitude and the will to succeed, business improvements can be realised.

Techniques such as:

Total Flow Management       Total Productive Maintenance       Total Quality Management         Total Service Management

Total Change Management

Are all common place in a lean environment and strive to achieve continuous improvements.

How can a recycling business benefit from a lean approach?

The recycling processes can be compared to a manufacturing process and in reality this process is manufacturing in reverse, otherwise known as de-manufacturing. The techniques above can be applied to de-manufacturing operations too.

Significant business improvements along with cost savings can be initiated through lean de-manufacturing, transforming the organisation’s purpose, its processes and people. Greater efficiencies and improved quality will become evident in a lean operation. With the appropriate training,knowledge and ability to apply and maintain  lean techniques, this will make your business stand out from the traditional approaches and will provide that little piece of extra confidence to your customers or potential customers who are seeking to use your services.

To benefit from and to learn more about the application of Lean de-manufacturing, contact us and transform your operation.

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If you wish to learn more about lean manufacturing and tools such as KAIZEN, visit http://uk.kaizen.com/?id=2288#6834

For further information, including the history of lean visit: http://www.lean.org/WhatsLean/History.cfm

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