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One of the biggest environmental challenges we all face is that of Climate Change. We can all make a difference whether this is in the lifestyle choices we make or in efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. It is worth noting that every little helps and each of us can contribute towards a better future.

W E & E Consulting is all too familiar with the devastating effects resulting from one such major component of Climate Change; the release of Ozone Depleting Substances into the atmosphere. We therefore offer a number of key services in order to address the impacts of uncontrolled unnecessary release. The services are available for those who discard, collect, process or regulate discarded Domestic & Commercial Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Equipment as well as Blown foams contained in Construction Waste & Insulated foam panels.

In the future we may also see such instruments as Carbon equivalent credits for those who collect and destroy Ozone Depleting Substances. It is therefore appropriate for all to consider improving the capture efficiencies. This will deliver not only vast environmental savings but has the potential to reward financially, those who are able to collect more. Before this can take place it is also important to consider the role of ‘New Approach’, harmonised standards and capture efficiencies.

W E & E Consulting has considerable experience in this field and can assist in mapping out a way forward for the processing industry & the regulator.


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