Change Acceleration Process - CAP


How does CAP apply to the Management of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment?

The management of WEEE is a complex process with so many variables, the consequences of managing WEEE in the wrong way can be costly and may result in loosing a competitive edge. WEEE Management is already impacting on profit margins and there is a need to constantly review and change existing management systems.  

CAP is one such mechanism that can be applied to any process related activity, in the case of WEEE this could include Product take-back, general WEEE Management or engagement.

There are 7 crucial steps in the application of the CAP procedure

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The process of change is often a complex procedure, it must therefore be managed accordingly.The Change Acceleration Process (CAP) is one of many established Management tools which if applied correctly, can yield significant results where changes to systems and structures are required.

Leading Change
Creating a shared need
Shaping a vision
Mobilising commitment
Making the change last
Monitoring the process of the change initiative
Changing the overall systems and structures