Basic information

An Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) is normally a permit, license holder or holder of an exemption under waste / environmental regulations. The types of wastes handled by these operators vary and many are known for their ability to process scrap metal.

This type of operator was traditionally known as the ‘local scrap yard’ and often receive many types of waste at their site.  The ATF operator carries out processes which aim to segregate wastes to differing levels for re sale or disposal thereafter. The degree of segregation will depend on equipment in place and methods deployed but on the whole, the ATF will aim to generate revenue from  any process it applies.

Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) at ATF’s

ATF’s may receive WEEE where they are permitted to do so. If they do, then the ATF must follow the guidelines associated with handling this waste stream. ATF’s who carry out any treatment of WEEE must comply with the BATRRT guidelines (see AATF requirements) and many other specific requirements.

For example, there are specific requirements for operators who handle and treat

Did you know?

An ATF operator can also upgrade to become an AATF. To find out how, visit our AATF information page.

This above information is a snapshot of some of the basics associated with ATF’s.

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WEEE Information - ATF’s