WEEE Information - AATF’s

An Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) generally receives Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment with the intention to carry out at least some processing of this waste.

To obtain AATF status, the operator must apply for approval and comply with guidance as well as key criteria as stipulated by the regulating body.


If all goes well during the application process, the operator may expect to obtain approval within  approx 90 days. This is a best case scenario and in many cases, there may be delays in the approval process if for example, information is missing from the application documentation or inadequate procedures are in place to control the waste.

For approval by 1st Jan, the regulating body (e.g. Environment Agency) need to receive all documentation by the 30th September.

Guidance documents are provided by the Environment Agency on how to apply for AATF status and specialist knowledge is advisable in this process.

WMP5 - This is the application form

WMP7 -  These are the guidance notes for AATF’s


Fees will vary depending on how much WEEE you are likely to handle in the year of operation.

For example,

For 400 tonnes or less the fee is £500

For over 400 tonnes the fee is £2590

This is an annual fee.

Basic criteria

In order to gain approval, the criteria you will need to meet is fairly complex and may require specialist support. You will need to clearly describe your processes, including how you intend to document your operational system and keep records. You will also need to meet regulatory requirements in respect of holding an Environmental  permit or an exemption. The process by which you intend to receive & treat WEEE must be declared and this is normally in the form of your site operational plan.

Treatment requirements are described in the following guidance document: This is called ‘Best available treatment recovery and recycling techniques’ (this is known as BATRRT)

AATF’s are also expected to understand how to issue WEEE Evidence notes, follow WEEE protocols and carry out sampling and inspection of the WEEE as received.

You will need to provide an independent audit report by the 31st March after the year in which you were approved.

This is a snapshot of some of the basics you may need to know about applying for AATF status.

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Regulating bodies

England & Wales - EA

Scotland - SEPA

Northern Ireland - NIEA